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For all of you who are PC gamers and want to exercise more, the PC Gamer Bike is absolutely fantastic. I actually was so excited about this product that when I was done trying it out for the first time, I ran into the living room to tell my girlfriend about how cool it was (any of you who know me personally know that I am definitely not prone to excited outbursts…ever.) I’d been playing Unreal Tournament/pedaling for 45 minutes and didn’t realize it.

For me, the biggest issue with not exercising enough (besides not feeling like I have the time) is being awfully bored while exercising. I ran track for years during the summer to get out of the house and I hated it. Running around in a circle just doesn’t do it for me. Basically, for me to exercise, I need to be distracted the entire time… playing basketball, for one is a good example… I get so caught up in guarding, blocking and trying to score that I don’t realize that I’m exercising.

Along those same lines, the PC Gamer Bike is a great way for gamers like myself to exercise while playing the same video games we would otherwise be playing anyway. It’s got adjustable magnetic resistance, so you can pedal away without a bunch of noise drowning out your videogame sounds. The interface and responsiveness are unbelievably smooth. How does it work? It just emulates a USB keyboard. Pedaling forward equals pressing the Up button on a keyboard, and pedaling backwards is the equivalent of pressing the Down button. That means it works with just about any game out there, right out of the box. It also comes with driver software that keeps track of stats like speed, calories burned & mileage, so you can keep track of your workout. It is awesome.


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