Paper Robots.

Design, Diversions, Entertainment by Chris Coyier

Paper Robots has a bunch of awesome robot templates available. Just download the PDF, print it, and follow the instructions on the site. The Optimus Prime pictured here is their latest release and, aside from being totally badass, actually transforms into the truck. Don’t believe it? Check it out.


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I somehow missed yesterday’s post, but I had already seen the shirt making its way around the net.

I can’t remember if you’ve said, but have you gotten yourself a Wii yet? If you have, we should swap Wii numbers, that way all of our crazy Miis can travel to each other’s systems.

Just a thought.

No, I haven’t. I’m still in XBox 360 land (when ARE you on, btw?) for now, at least. Wiis are still in short supply around here.

Matt (frequent commenter, my old college roomie) has one, though. Maybe he’d like to take you up on it.

It’s sad, I’ve started back on my MBA, and between that, work, and a new relationship I have zero time to play on my wii. I dont even know what Wii numbers are. I have yet to fully explore the functionality of the Wii.

They are in short supply around here too. Last few weeks I’ve gone around on random days at random times checking places like ShopKo, Circut City, GameStop and Target just crossing my fingers they would have one, and no luck.

Soon as I get one though, I’d be glad to share my Wii number with ya’ll FreshArrival kids.

We have a crappy old wal mart in my hometown. I read on that they were due to restock one sunday, so around 9 am I went in and asked…I was suprised they had gotten 16 and had already sold 6.

Yeah, see I just haven’t been on my 360 as of late, simply because I’m too wrapped up in the whole Wii thing (and, I can actually get my wife to play that).

Nevertheless, I am itching to try playing some Gears of War online, and see how terrible I really am. The easiest thing to do is probably just set a day and time.

@Matt: Nintendo definitely doesn’t make it as easy as Microsoft does to add friends. Your Wii number is basically a unique number that identifies your system so that other people can “register” your Wii and allow their Miis to travel back and forth between consoles, and presumably play online whenever that is actually functional.

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