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Everyone I know has more grocery bags than they could ever use, but they’re just one of those things that I feel bad throwing away. I think that I could recycle them, but then I forget to put them out, so I’ve had these grocery bags full of grocery bags. I finally got the simplehuman upright bag holder, and not only does it look a lot nicer than the bags of bags I had, it’s easy to use. I’ve used some of those other bag holders where once you put the bags in, you can’t seem to get them out the way it was designed. Well, with this one you don’t have any problems getting the bags from the right spot.

simplehuman says that it only holds 50 bags, but honestly I think I’ve crammed more than that in there. I would like for the opening where you put the bags in to be a little larger, because it was a bit of a pain to get everything in at first, but now that they’re in they don’t pop out of the top, so I guess that’s why they made it that small.


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I just use the cardboard tube from a paper towel roll. Works for me, keeps the plastic bags neat and tidy in my drawer. And it’s free.


You must not have very many bags. If all of your bags can fit in a paper towel tube, this is definitely not a product for you. The amount of bags I have under my sink is insane and is screaming for a bag holder, or something similar. :)

You’re correct. I can fit about 12 in there. How many grocery bags do you really need on hand, anyway?

It’s not the point of how many you need, it’s how many you actually have. As I mentioned, I feel bad just throwing away the bags, and I don’t have recycling through my apartment. I have to remember to bring the excess bags that I have to a place where I can drop off my recycling, but I keep forgetting. :)

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve got more than one paper towel tube. 3 or 4 tubes full of bags is certainly easier to store than the pile I’ve got now, and it’s free.

Oh yeah, Richard. At least, that’s what the true recyclers have been doing. As mentioned above, the paper tubes can hold up 12-15 bags each, if you really cram ’em in there.

The tubes store neatly in a drawer, which is more than I can say for this “simplehuman upright bag holder.” And they are exactly $14.99 cheaper.

No reason to pay more, and use more space in order to live green.

Ohhh, I get it. Well it’s not supposed to fit in a drawer. When did anyone ever say it was supposed to fit in a drawer? Even their own description says that it’s supposed to fit on a shelf or under a counter.

Maybe having a nice-looking bag holder isn’t for you.. that’s fine. But that’s no reason to knock the rest of us who like for functional things to look good at the same time… $15 is definitely not out of the question for a bag holder, at least for me.

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