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PaperBackSwap will quickly become one of my favorite websites… I can already tell. The title is pretty self-explanatory, as this website/service lets you swap books with other people from around the country. I’m a huge Dean Koontz fan, and from time to time I go looking through the shelves of Goodwill for a few of his books. This site will help me complete my collection in no time, and to get rid of some other books that I enjoyed but will probably never read again.

Here’s how it works:

  1. List at least 9 or more books in the system to become an active member and receive 3 free credits to get you started trading. List as many books as possible to be more successful in trading.
  2. Browse our online list of books posted by club members, and use your credits to order books.
  3. Selected books are delivered right to your mailbox, for free!
  4. When other members order books that you’ve listed, you mail them from your mailbox and you pay the postage (usually $1.59).
  5. You get one credit (good for one book) for every book you mail when it is received by the club member who requested it.
  6. List as many books as you like. The more books you mail to other members, the more credits you’ll receive.

They have almost a million books in the system, which is searchable by title, author, and even ISBN, so you’ll probably find what you’re looking for. They even make it dead-simple to mail the books… when you’re ready to mail a book, you just print off a book wrapper that has the address information and even the postage figured out for you, so all you have to do is wrap the book, tape it up, add stamps and drop it in the mail… no post office trip required.

There’s also a sister site along the same lines, but for CDs:


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Is there a sister site called Hard back swap? I dislike paperbacks, simply because my dream one day is to have a study in my house full of books, complete with that library smell.

A similar site is and it lets you mark “friends” and see their wishlists. It also has a handy bookmarklet that grabs the ISBN from amazon pages.

I’ve had a lot of success with bookmooch and it works for hard backs, too. Just be sure to check where you request a book from since bookmooch is global. Same with sending, you can mark if you’ll mail outside your country.

[…] I’m sure that Shelfari makes it’s money through commission of sales through Amazon, as clicking on a book cover anywhere on the site or a widget provides a “Buy from Amazon” button. I find this entirely unobtrusive and perhaps even quite handy. Should I find, or get a recommendation for, a new book, buying it is only a click away. I would love to see integration with some like PaperBackSwap in the future. I think that would really help the community by getting the books flowing. […]

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