Bonsai Sandals.

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Bonsai Sandals look like a great solution to the usual comfort issues associated with wearing flip-flops year-round. I can’t really explain it better than their website, so here goes:

“Bonsai Sandals can be worn in the summer or winter and combine the total comfort of a sheepskin lined boot or clog with the casual freedom of a flip flop.

The unique thermostatic properties of our highest-grade genuine sheepskin allow Bonsais to keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Unlike boots or closed-toe clogs, flip flops allow the sheepskin to breathe as you walk, so the footbed remains comfortable and dry.

Bonsais were designed to support your feet four different ways. A pliable leather strap, robust arch support, supportive sole, and a thick layer of sheepskin means that your Bonsais will conform to the contours of your feet over time in a way that standard flip flops just can’t. The sole is initially stiff to maintain support over the life of the sandal, but gradually softens in specific areas as you break them in. The unique sheepskin footbed provides a second layer of comfort that molds to your feet.”

Man, that sounds comfortable.


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