Silicone Travel Bottle.

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If you’ve been a FreshArrival reader for awhile, you know that I love products that are well-designed and show great attention to detail. The Silicone Travel Bottle from PKOH NYC is an excellent example of a product that fulfills both of those requirements at once.

Designed by Paul Koh in NYC, these bottles pack a lot of features into their tiny packages. They’re made of translucent silicone so you can easily figure out what’s inside of them, are TSA compliant, with a 2 fluid ounce capacity so you’ll have no problem taking these on a plane with you (unless the TSA thinks up some reason why silicone bottles are a threat to flight security and bans those too ;)). They also have integral O-rings that prevent leaks.. a great inclusion because not only do you get the leak prevention and tight seal that an O-ring provides, you won’t lose the O-ring because it’s built-in. They stand upside-down so that you won’t have to wait for the contents to drip down to the bottom. They’ve got Easy Squeeze valves in their tips, which prevent messiness and helps you control the liquid more precisely, and have large mouths for easy filling and cleaning. Sweet.


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