Long Scissors.

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I was looking around at work today for some scissors to cut out a picture I had printed out. Tucked away in the back of a very random drawer was this amazing pair of scissors. (Why is it a “pair” of scissors even though it’s only one object?) The beautiful shiny silver blades must have been 10″ long and sharp as a razor. Needless to say, these scissors cut the bejeezus out of my little picture with unprecedented precision. Now, I want a pair for home. This is what I was able to find online. Anyone have a better idea for a place where I can find some nice super-long scissors?


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Try fabric stores!! I recently discovered these oft-overlooked havens for jerry-rigging materials and MacGuyver tools. Here’s one example, Joann, which lists dozens of different types of scissors (some of them really long and really sharp, for making quilts apparently):;$sessionid$0JSQWVIAAFIPCP4SY5KRIHR50LD3UEPO?CATID=82067

But you GOTTA try physically visiting such a store too. It’s an eye-opening discovery experience. Heck, you may even end up getting tools and supplies to actually SEW stuff.

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