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This blog is just too cute/funny/cool – why have I only discovered it just as it is ending? It seems that since November designer Stefan G. Bucher has been drawing a new monster every day, and, cooler still, he films himself doing it. Watching fanciful, quirky creations emerge from the tip of his pen is completely addictive. What’s more, he started inviting his readers to submit stories to accompany each monster.

Unfortunately, he decided that this will be a series of 100 and he only has a couple monsters to go, so if this is the first you’ve heard of it (like me), you’ve missed most of the fun. On the upside, he is putting together a book about the series, but you have to contribute to one of the monster stories in order to get access to the book. So quick – put on your creative hats and go tell a monster story!


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Maybe I’m just simple like this, but what I find more impressive is that he can write such clear and concise letters/words UPSIDE DOWN.

Yeah, I agree! That was really what impressed me most too, but I thought, “this guy write upside down!” would make a sophomoric post, so I focused on the monsters ;)

What, have you people never been to a Macaroni Grill? The servers write their names on the table upside-down so it’s right-side-up to the customer. Maybe this “Monster” worked there for a while. Perhaps he can also sing “Happy Birthday” in Italian.

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