Conceal Surge Protector.

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Just about everyone has an ugly mass of cables under their desk or behind their home entertainment system, and this new surge protector from Belkin is a great way to keep all of your device cables and adapters managed neatly. It’s got spacing for 4 adapters, 6 regular outlets and one convenience outlet on the outside so that you don’t have to flip the lid open just to plug something in quickly. It also features built in cable management (cables run through a channel on the inside of the surge protector) for neatness. It’s also got a longer-than usual power cable (I plugged it in a few feet away from my computer and still had cable to spare) and surge protection for ethernet, standard modems and coaxial (cable) connections. Once it’s closed, it’s just a neat looking box with a few cables coming out. If you’re going for a (somewhat) cable-free environment, this seems like a great product to have in your arsenal.


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