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I think we all know by now that Flickr is the Mecca of digital photography on the web. I get lost in Flickr several times a week at least just meandering around random users’ streams. There are, of course, plenty of amazing photographers who live outside the social web, isolated in their own little worlds:

Denis Darzacq

Justin Bell

Susan Carr

Jonathan Greenwald

Michael Wolf

Eike Maschewski

and worth mentioning again: Jeremy Cowart

Anyone have any favorite photographers to share?

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I’ve always enjoyed Thomas Hawk ( ). He’s both a blogger and a photographer, and every now and then posts some photos from his Flickr ( ) or his Zooomr ( ) account on his blog.

What’s also interesting is that he’s the author of the most dug (digged?) article ever, about a retail camera chain that was using some sort of bait and switch tactics and a whole slew of other stuff. Honestly, I haven’t ready it all the way through, but it’s got 25 updates to it, so it seems to possibly still be an ongoing thing. Check it out: .

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