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by Chris Coyier

I think we all know by now that Flickr is the Mecca of digital photography on the web. I get lost in Flickr several times a week at least just meandering around random users’ streams. There are, of course, plenty of amazing photographers who live outside the social web, isolated in their own little worlds:

Denis Darzacq

Justin Bell

Susan Carr

Jonathan Greenwald

Michael Wolf

Eike Maschewski

and worth mentioning again: Jeremy Cowart

Anyone have any favorite photographers to share?

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4 Responses to “Photographers.”

  1. Michael Says:

    I’ve always enjoyed Thomas Hawk ( ). He’s both a blogger and a photographer, and every now and then posts some photos from his Flickr ( ) or his Zooomr ( ) account on his blog.

    What’s also interesting is that he’s the author of the most dug (digged?) article ever, about a retail camera chain that was using some sort of bait and switch tactics and a whole slew of other stuff. Honestly, I haven’t ready it all the way through, but it’s got 25 updates to it, so it seems to possibly still be an ongoing thing. Check it out: .

  2. Jonathan Greenwald Says:

    Goodness, thanks for the kind words. Now you’re going to make me update my flickr account. I’ve been too busy to upload photos as of late!

    Seriously, thanks for the props.

  3. Zervas Says:

    I’m partial to Kacey Knight who takes great photos and is a hell of a nice guy.

    Of course for fun people watching you can’t beat malingering

    or if you want to know what the world looks through my eyes, during the few minutes a day I’m not in doors, take a look at

  4. Kacy Knight Says:

    Thanks Zervas! I always enjoy taking a look at your photos too!