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There is a newcomer to the online TV listing game, Couchville. I’m sure most of us around here have DVR’s (or even cooler technology), so we hardly know what times our favorite shows are on anymore. That’s all well and good, but sometimes it’s nice to just do a little channel surfing so you can broaden your TV-horizons and relate to the rest of easy-chair society.

Entering in your zip code and selecting your provider is all you will ever have to give Couchville to browse TV listings. A cookie remembers who you are, which allows you to quickly pop back in and start browsing as well as save favorite programs and create custom lineups. You browse listings by dragging your mouse around (think Google Maps). Clicking a show gives you more information such as upcoming airings (very useful for DVR people managing conflicts), episode and series information, and basics like Cast & Crew. Search is available, a vital part of any information providing service, and works as well as could be expected.

Aggregate data provided by BeyondTV is incorporated into the site in the Buzz section. Here you can see what the most popular recordings currently are as well as what the top upcoming recording are. Being able to see what popular future recordings are is a very cool feature. Who wants to know what was popular? I want to know what is going to be popular. There are a few ads on the site, but it isn’t nearly as saturated with ads as such competitors like TitanTV, which is unbearable and offensive. Three cheers for Couchville, the new go-to place for TV listings.


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