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simplehuman rectangular sensor can: The Review.

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This trashcan is fun! Of course I never thought I’d use those two words together…fun…trashcan…hmmm…maybe I need to get out more.

I’ve been using this trashcan for a few weeks now, and it certainly has cool points. Heck, it auto opens and there’s no contaminating the trashcan lid with icky germs.

In the few weeks it has been in my kitchen, it has certainly been a conversation starter when guests go to throw things away. Some people have looked at it and tried to figure out how to open it. However, once they see it work, they say, “That’s so cool! I want one!” but when they ask the price they go, “Never mind.” It is a bit pricey, but if you are a gadget kind of person, this is the trashcan for you!

The only thing that I don’t really like about it is that it takes 6 D batteries, however there is an AC adapter you can get to plug it into the wall. I thought about that though, and started to wonder who had an outlet right next to where they wanted to have their trashcan? I don’t, but one of you may.

One of the rods that lifts the lid was jarred out of place during shipping, but once I fixed that, the trashcan’s been fun to use. You slip your foot into the recessed area at the bottom of the can, and the lid lifts up. You can place the trashcan flush against a wall, because the lid has a very small profile (a few mm’s). At first the lid seemed slow to raise and lower, but now that I’m used to it, it just feels normal. If you want to keep the lid open than the few seconds it normally does, you have 2 options: you can keep your foot in the sensor area and it will stay open, or you can press the hold button, and it will stay open until you press the hold button again.

They’ve thought of everything for this trashcan. There’s a place to tuck the excess trash bag if you don’t feel like buying their custom trash bags. There’s even a ledge on the inside of the trashcan so you don’t have to lift the plastic tub all of the way out of the can when you need to empty the trash.


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My doctor’s office just got some auto-opening cans. They’re too close to the patient chairs and so any time you move your legs, they open, lol.

Are they pretty well sealed at the bottom, like no holes to get under it? How much did you spend?

There is a removable plastic bin inside of the brushed metal portion, so it won’t leak if you put liquids in it.

The trashcan is $199.00. I used a demo unit that was returned to simplehuman after I tried it out. I miss it though.

I never had any problems with things setting off the sensor and opening the can. The sensor is recessed nicely.

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