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Chabah makes great sandals. They’re are all hand-made in Thailand under responsible working conditions, but somehow only manage to come in at $20 per pair. Apparently, even in this world of $120 Jordans, it is very possible to make affordable footwear without what almost amounts to slave labor. How about that?

Chabah sandals come in 9 different styles (they’re even locally designed in Thailand) and are available for both men and women. They’re made of natural fibers such as hemp and woven grass, so if you’re into being green, these would especially be something you might like for those reasons. Reportedly, these sandals are quite lightweight as well. Definitely check out what they’re doing over at the Chabah website.


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they’ll certainly help somebody look green, but transporting something thousands of miles pretty much eliminates it actually being green. Unless of course there’s some fair trade canoers who bring it over.

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