100 goodies for under $10.

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Here’s a great collection of 100 awesome finds that cost under $10 each, by the ladies at Rare Bird Finds. There’s a ton of cool stuff in the list that I wish I’d come across myself!

VISIT SITE (via fellow Louisianian Miss Malaprop).

I just soft-launched a companion mini-site to Hngry called “What’s Your Lunch?” tonight. It’s all about sharing pictures of what you ate on any given day. Take a picture of your lunch, dinner or other meal and share it with the world :). Each picture will include links to Hngry pages for the restaurant if you include its information, and if you’ve cooked/made the meal yourself and have a recipe to share, you can add that too! Of course, you can leave comments as well. So what have you eaten lately? Post it there!

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