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SpinVox is in the business of adding extremely useful features to cell phones:

SpinmyVmail: Get your cellular voicemail as text messages or email.
SpinmyBlog: Speak a message and update your blog.
SpinmyMemo: Speak a message and email yourself.
SpinmyBroadcast: Speak a message and text message a group of recipients.

I really like the SpinmyVmail feature. Having a permanent, searchable backlog of all my voicemail would be extremely useful. Remember when your friend left you a voicemail with directions to her apartment three weeks ago? You haven’t gotten around to visiting until now, but you sure as heck don’t have that voicemail anymore. Chances are, you’ll still have that email and it’s just a search away.

A voice recorder is a common feature on many mp3 players, cell phones, and even some pens. It’s kind of cool, but how often do you really use it? Probably the biggest reason is that it just isn’t that useful for average chaps. However, if you could click a button, rattle something off, and have it instantly emailed to you, that opens a whole new corridor of usefulness.

I would have loved to try it out personally, but they didn’t support my carrier (U.S. Cellular). Most major carriers are supported however. I have heard it works very well though, from a generally reliable source.

Can’t be long before Spinvox is bought up and swallowed whole by one of the big carriers who wants these sweet features all to themselves.


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