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Is there someone in your life who just will not close the bag of chips properly after they’re done with them? Do you wish that you didn’t always have to hunt for twist-ties? Perhaps these might help. QuickSeals add a zipper closure to any package/bag that they will fit over, to keep your food fresh but also allow you to reseal them easily. They’re quite inexpensive too, at $1.29 for 6 or $3.49 for 20, and are also available at Wal-Mart. Seems like it’d take a little bit of time to put it on the bag initially, but you wouldn’t have to look for something to seal it with every time you use it.

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6 for $1.29 ($0.20 each) is NOT “inexpensive,” unless one is wealthy. NORMAL people cannot just be tossing two dimes into the trash, every time they turn around. Instead, people need to learn to be self-disciplined. FORCE each other to do what is right: Keep twist-ties in a convenient place and always use them.


#1: You aren’t serious, are you? Who said you’d be throwing them into the trash every time they turn around? You throw them away when you throw the bag of whatever they are on away. You do not throw them away after every use. Maybe you aren’t confused about that, and you’re exaggerating a bit to make a point…if so, I apologize. If not, I hope this clarifies it for you.

#2: It is my opinion that they are cheap. You have one, and I have one. Everyone has their own, in fact! You, however seem to think that yours is law. That is not the case.

#3: How is it that you are qualified to decide who is and who is not normal? Someone choosing not to do things the way that you, or having more money than you does not make them abnormal.

#4: If you would like for me to take your comment seriously, do not use all caps. Ever. That is internet courtesy #1. Typing in all caps is the equivalent of yelling, and I do not appreciate being yelled at. People who have to yell to make a point lose my respect quickly. Maybe you don’t want my respect, and that’s fine too.

#5: As I’ve said before, if you don’t like what’s featured today, guess what? There will be something different tomorrow. I sincerely hope that you like it.

yeah… I’m kind of wondering why not just spend 1.29 for a dozen zip locks (my wife does the shopping, so my numbers may not be acurate, don’t hold me to it) and just pour your extra contents into it. And you can reuse them if you’re thrifty like John.

Richard, I agree it’s a cool new invention, but not sure it’s really all that note worthy since so many similar products have long been in the marketplace.

I’m more curious about other ways something like that could be used for instead of just sealling chip bags.

This is one of those products which physicalizes the American need for easy and simple, no matter the cost or wastefulness. Adding that much more non-decomposable waste to the landfills, spending that much more money on a product that replaces simply rolling up the bag, and contributing that much more to the generally American mindset that we need more stuff instead of doing with what we already have.

The box is attractive, though. *buys 5 boxes*

Quickseals do what clips cannot do. I wish they were available when I lived in Puerto Rico for a year and a half. The climate there is hot and humid. Ants seemed to find their way into food even when bags were folded and clipped. It was disgusting. That can’t happen with Quickseals. I now use them on all types of packages, not just chips. Everything stays fresher much longer.

When you put stuff into Ziplock bags, you lose all the infomation that was on the product package like recipes and nutrition information. With Quickseals, all of that info is retained.

Finally, without Quickseals, when food gets stale or bug infested, how much money is wasted when you have to throw the food in the garbage? I find that Quickseals quickly pay for themselves.

I love these things!!!! With kids, this is the perfect way to have them close the bags without just shoving it back in the cupboard. Try it, I guarantee you will love it!

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