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Now who would have believed that the most well-done Flash game I have ever seen would have been commissioned by the California Milk Processor Board? This game puts you in control of the destiny of a family named the Adachis, who are traveling in their pilot plumbing van to Fort Fridge to secure The Glass of milk. I think I like it so much because it reminds me of one of the top 5 games of all time, IMHO… Grim Fandango. Why doesn’t LucasArts make character/story-based games like that anymore?

Make sure your resolution is at least 1024×768 and that you have a fairly modern computer/broadband internet connection to take full advantage of it. It’s an absolutely gorgeous little game. You’ve got to try it out… even if it’s just long enough to roll the die (that feature alone is worth waiting for this game to load).


Been meaning to post about this for a little while now: Wee Planets is a Flickr photoset of 360° panoramas projected to look like small planets. Pretty neat!

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You know, I got really excited a few years back when I heard that LucasArts (I think) had picked the Full Throttle and Sam & Max franchises up again to try and make sequels, but alas, Full Throttle never came to fruition, and Sam & Max wound up going episodic.

Have you tried playing any of the new Sam & Max episodes? They’re not half bad actually, but nowhere near as engrossing as the original game.

You’re right, LucasArts made some of the truly great adventure games of the 90s, but it seems that they’ve just stuck to doing Star Wars stuff lately.

And while we’re on the subject of great character/story-based games, I have to recommend to wonderful franchises: Syberia (and its sequel Syberia 2), and The Longest Journey (and its sequel Dreamfall). Stunning games. Highly recommend them.

No, I haven’t played any of the newer Sam & Max games. I’ll have to check those out!

I’ve not played Syberia or The Longest Journey either (never even heard of them, in fact!) I’ll definitely be taking a look at all of them.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I really wish LucasArts would get back on the ball and release something other than a Star Wars game, though. Although, now that I think about it, I really do love Lego Star Wars (downloaded the demo for the latest one from XBox Live and my gf and I laughed our way through the entire thing) and will definitely be picking that one up when the price drops, and Jedi Knight II was pretty fantastic.


Dah Gum!!!! I got all that way… spent all the time on the stupid vault guessing for 10 minutes at each number, then didn’t get the words at the end. My last guess was May I please see the glass and then totally figured it out a second later…. AHHHHH.

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