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doane paper.

by Richard

Not sure how I missed this the first time around, but doane paper is brilliant. From the creator: “I was in a product design meeting and 1/2 the room was using legal pads, the other 1/2 was using grid paper. I combined the 2 paper designs and it turned out pretty cool.”

That’s what doane paper is: graph paper with thick blue notebook-paper style lines added so you can use it both to take notes and to sketch on. This would be great for web designers (actually, designers in general), artists, people who just plain like to stay organized and I’m sure it’d be perfect for other uses that I can’t think of right now as well. Awesome! Oh, and the best part is… you can print off some of your own for free if you’d like. The website provides JPG and PDF versions of the paper’s design so that you can try before you buy.


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2 Responses to “doane paper.”

  1. Chris Thomas Says:

    Doane’s blog is pretty cool as well. Very creative with a focus on great design. Check it out.

  2. doane paper » 7 Reasons whay Starbucks should License Doane Paper Says:

    […] Reason 7. Doane Paper is a Patent Pending The stationery design “Doane Paper” is a Patent Pending (US Provisional Patent Application Number 60/899,353) Intellectual Property. Starbucks would carry the exclusive rights to sell the brilliant idea of grid and lined paper combined on a single sheet for the feasible future. […]