Seeing Beyond Sight.

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“Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond sight.” That line, uttered by Lion-O of the Thundercats is the first thing that I thought of when I saw the name of this site. This isn’t about a group of fictional cartoon heroes though… it’s about something much more important. Seeing Beyond Sight is a book chock-full of photos taken by blind teenagers. This is what you see when you literally can’t see.

The books run $24.95 plus shipping… international shipping is also available.

Excerpted from the foreword:

Unusual as the idea may seem at first, putting cameras in the hands of visually impaired children proved to be extremely fruitful — both for the photographers, who found an astonishing new means of self-expression, and for the viewers of their images, for whom this is an entirely new kind of dreamlike and intuitive creation. Even before you know that these pictures were taken by blind teenagers, they are striking in their use of light and composition, and haunting in their chiaroscuro intensity.

Accompanying the images are the students’ own words and captions — in which we see how much the taking of pictures came to mean to them and how the creative process works in ways rarely experienced. This is a volume that speaks with rare inspirational power.


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