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This is one of those indispensable sites that I use from time to time, but have been forgetting to post about. I absolutely love Flickr, but one of the problems I have with it is the limited picture browsing functionality. If you only keep up with your friends’ photostreams, browsing their recently updated pictures is pretty easy. However, what happens when you come across a cool new user who you’d like to add as a contact but then you see that they have a couple hundred pages of photos? Normally, I end up going through every single page because I figure that if I like a few of their pictures, chances are pretty good that I’ll like some more of the pictures in their photostream. Flickr Leech is perfect for something like this. You can view hundreds of pictures at a time which helps you easily get up to speed on all of the photos you’d like. It’s my favorite Flickr tool yet!


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I’ve been using FlickrLeech for a long time and it’s a great tool. I’d encourage everyone to use it… though I’d also encourage them to donate to the site, all the donations go towards bandwidth. If he doesn’t get donations then the site doesn’t make it through the month…. just a note.

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