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I came across a book recently that I thought was worth mentioning. It is—don’t laugh at me—a book about wallpaper. If that sounds about as exciting to you as, well, wallpaper, then you are obviously behind the times my friend.

Wallpaper, by Lachlan Blackley and published by Laurence King, begins with the assertion that “wallpaper is back,” and then documents current trends in design and usage for the next 200-or-so pages. More art-installation than grandma’s-sitting-room, the designs include Bully wallpaper featuring portraits of convention “bully” type boys with ‘70’s era haircuts enshrined amid an assaulting array of colors, and NASDAQ wallpaper that is simply a long list of black and white stock information.

And then there are a few designs I would actually hang on my walls, like Rat Wallpaper, which features holes chewed by real rats, allowing the patterns and colors of the wall underneath to peak through – it’s attractive I tell you, it really is. I also love the idea, and design, of Environmentally Sensitive Wallpaper, which changes patterns depending on the light in the room, so that, perhaps, flowers bloom as the light hits them.


ed: And now for your daily moment of Zen: Alanis Morissette covers Fergie’s “My Humps”. Um… Wow.

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…I really hope that was a joke…It’s a really bad cover if it’s not a joke…Wallpapers sound awesome, I’d like to see those light-responsive ones.

lol, It seems your site will cut off anything after the greater-than symbol i use often in a “smiley” face that implies frustration or such like that, so I tried to finish what I said in my 2nd comment, with my third, but it happened once again since I just finished where I left off (with the greater-than symbol).

I’ll try to remember what I was trying to say: “…and I saw a link to the video staring me right in the face…blah blah blank spot…”

I’m sure I had a little more that would ultimately make the comment a little less pointless… You can delete all of these if you want, it kinda fills up this section will almost pointless things =P

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