Griffin TuneFlex: The Review.

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I finally found the perfect solution for using my iPod in my car. I’ve used a couple different FM transmitters in the past but I’ve never liked that technique and feel it lacks in sound quality.

First I bought a JVC head unit. It’s just a cheap one, but it’s the got all-important auxiliary input. The real beauty here is the TuneFlex from Griffin Technology. The TuneFlex is a flexible steel stem with a plug on one end and a cradle on the other. The plug fits standard car power ports and features an auxiliary output and orange and green lights that indicate your iPod’s charging status. The dock holds any Universal Dock iPod and comes with adapters for different sizes and adjusts via a knob in the back. The bottom of the cradle features a pass-through dock connector for using it in conjunction with other accessories that may use that. I was unable to find a Universal Dock-To-Auxiliary cable to use, that would be extra cool since it would result in the highest quality sound, but I’m not sure they make them. The TuneFlex comes with a cassette adapter as well, if you want to go that road.

This has been a perfect solution for me, but it hasn’t been without it’s hitches. The first TuneFlex I bought actually broke within the first few days (it stopped charging my iPod). Griffin was very helpful and quick at replacing the unit, but the ultimate durability of the unit concerns me.

The TuneFlex is $50.00 straight from Griffin Technology (enough for Free Shipping). That skin on my iPod is from our friends at GelaSkins.


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Ok I really liked the tuneflex and wanted one for my nano, but never got one because my ipod case would never allow it to fit on the tuneflex dock.

Now what I want (I’m demanding, and picky~ I know) Is a steering wheel mounted 2nd Gen Ipod shuffle doc. Stick some batteries in for an FM transmitter and there ya go….or better yet, let you plug in to something and recharge the battery. Then there are no wires~

Hey Thanks Josh!

That’s exactly what I was looking for. Apparently I wasn’t looking very hard. Actually it sort of occurred to me while writing the post that since the plug has an auxiliary out on it, the whole TuneFlex is kind of a Universal Dock-to-Auxiliary cable. Yeah…my bad.

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