Chick Chick Boom.

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Still haven’t gotten your hands on a Nintendo Wii? Don’t have a DS? This game might help you pass the time until you get one… It was designed by extra toxic and is sponsored by Nintendo. Basically you are given a number of chicks to defend and a number of chicks to attack. To attack/defend the chicks, you draw different shapes with your mouse. The intensity and size of the attack/defense depends on how well you draw.. this game is all about speed and accuracy with a mouse, as well as being able to keep your color between the lines. It’s quite fun to boot! I’ve wasted too much time playing this already.


Oh, in case you haven’t noticed yet, FreshArrival and Gizmodo are teaming up with a bunch of our favorite companies (simplehuman, JPG Magazine, Griffin, Zune, Sling Media, XGAMING, Belkin, Logitech and Lapinator.) for a SlickrFrame contest! Over $1500 worth of gadgety goodness is being given away, so go enter!

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