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It seems like every week on the news, and in lots of movies we hear about someone getting their identity stolen. LifeLock seems to be a great new service that is guaranteed to keep your identity safe. They are so confident in their service that their CEO puts his real social security number right on the front of the site.

They don’t have any awesome new technology that magically keeps you safe: They just use a combination of monitoring techniques that you could take advantage of for free, such as setting alerts on all of your credit reports, not just the major 3. They also take care of renewing the alerts for you every 90 days, which you’d probably forget to do if you had to do it yourself, as well as keeping track of changes with the current databases, new databases that are coming online, and much more. They go to bat for you if your identity does get compromised in any way as well. In their words: “Our Guarantee is simple. If you are our client when someone steals your personal information and subsequently misuses it, we will reimburse any and all direct expenses that you incur and we will act as your attorney on your behalf and work for as long as it takes and exert our best efforts to restore your Identity to its state prior to the theft. The maximum amount that we will pay is $1 million over the life of the incident. There are no additional fees you must pay to exercise our guarantee.”.

You also stop receiving pre-approved credit offers, and less junk mail in general, which is a feature worth paying for on its own.

If your identity is stolen, what do you do first? That’s a question you’ll never even need to know the answer to, if you use LifeLock. It’s pretty inexpensive too, at $10 per month or $110 per year per adult. LifeLock is also a member of the BBB and a partner of the National Crime Prevention Council. Sounds like it could be worth looking into, at least.


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