the rut.

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the rut is a new daily cartoon strip. It’s been pretty funny so far. Check it out!

VISIT SITE (contains some profanity)

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Are you out of your mind? I love cartoons, so I went to look at the site. One of the most recent ones has the “f-bomb” in it. You must be one sick individual, to be recommending that site here.

You have got to be kidding me.

John, where on this site does it say that you will never see a link to anything that might have profanity in it? All it says is that we link to things that we think are cool. Trust me, there are much more profane things that have been suggested and have not made it to FA for that exact reason…but saying the f-word once in jest, in a comic? Have you never seen an R rated movie?

I must be a sick person? What is with the personal attack? It seems a little hypocritical for you to be the type of person who cant stand a curse word, but has no problem saying mean things about others, especially in a public setting.

Sheesh. If you’re going to get that worked up about a bad word, you should disconnect from the internet right now… because you will see another somewhere online, I guarantee it.

And you know, I would actually have apologized to you for not warning you about the profanity if you’d treated me with a little respect and not attacked me, unprovoked. What is it about the internet that brings out the worst in people?

Actually, you know what? I promise to mark things that I am aware have profanity in them when we link them, starting now. I just wish you’d called it to my attention in a much nicer way.

Good response, Richard. Fresharrival is a site that shows “cool” things. Just because John doesn’t think that it is cool doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be on here. I think that if John, Richard, or I walked around a public place for the same amount of time we are on the internet each day, we would hear profanity. I too wish that John were more realistic about today’s society. It doesn’t mean he has to like or not wish it would change.

Richard, I think it is a good thing you will now mark items.

John’s response may have been disrespectful, but I agree that the comic was offensive. I didn’t expect this type of link from fresharrival – so I guess a little note on content like you suggest would be appreciated. Still keep up the good work – I visit this site daily.


Thanks for your input! I’ve already added it to the link in question, and we’ll be doing it from now on. I totally understand that it could have been, and seems to have been offensive to some people… I just wish John had a little more tact and not turned it into a personal attack.

Thanks for reading FreshArrival. :)

I wouldn’t have clicked on the link if it weren’t for john’s reaction. After such a response I must say I expected something a little edgier. John; we’re in the late 90’s a “f-bomb” just doesn’t have the same destructive force it once did.

Richard, I don’t think you are sick… I just think you have good taste. ;)

Thanks for the link, I appreciate it.

Ps. To anyone who is considering visiting my blog, yes, some cartoons have the “F-Bomb” in them (haha, I’ve never heard that term before, it’s gold!) but for every ‘toon that offends you, there will hopefully be one that makes you laugh.

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