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by Chris Coyier


Tastespotting = A Visual Filtration of Great Taste = Image + Link + Thought

Tastespotting is a beautiful site that harnesses the collective taste of foodies worldwide. The site is covered in a grid of Polaroids each containing a recipe, a photograph, an article, a movie, or any other little piece of digital culinary excellence someone wished to share. In their words, Tastespotting is like a “telephone pole covered in flyers. Just put it up.”

As much as they make it sound like a free-range hippie food fest, all the content is high-quality and looks heavily filtered. In other words, uploading a picture of a half-eaten Twinkie with a link to your MySpace blog probably won’t make the cut. (You could upload it to What’s Your Lunch though.) It’s for the better though, trust me. The site is loaded with wonderful pictures that you could browse through for hours.


We’d like to give huge thanks everyone who participated in the survey! We got lots of great feedback, both good and…constructive =). We read every word and talked at length. We will be using this feedback to keep FreshArrival the kind of place that you will continue to enjoy visiting for a long time to come! If you missed out yesterday, it will be open one more day.

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One Response to “Tastespotting.”

  1. Sara Says:

    *drools* Such a fantastic site! I grabbed more recipes in an hour than I usually get all year!