Mr. McGroovy’s Box Rivets™.

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Mr. McGroovy’s Box Rivets are an ingeniously simple invention that allow you to make sturdy cardboard box structures that can hold up to a good bit of abuse. Growing up I really really really liked forts. This takes fort (and pretty much anything else that you’d like to make out of cardboard) building to a new level! These rivets rachet on to each other (it takes 2 for each hole you’d like to reinforce) to create a secure lock that only comes apart when you want it to. Of course, they’re reusable as well.

You could use these rivets for all sorts of things.. mazes, castles, clubhouses, castles… the site has plans for a Pirate Ship, Princess Carriage, Train, Throne, Skyscrapers & Santa’s Sleigh. Really though, the sky’s the limit as far as potential for these things goes. 100 rivets will run you $6.95, and Mr. McGroovy even lets you in on some of the secrets of cardboard box acquisition.. :) The gallery is well worth a look as well.


The SlickrFrame contest is over! Five winners have been picked by the readers of Gizmodo. Here they are:

Grand Prize (and featured today on FreshPhotograph):
Stairwell by apleshampo4life, with 18.1% (163 votes)

2nd place:
Commodore Barry Bridge from the Air by MikeNeilson with 17.0% (153 votes)

3rd place:
DC2006-8 by xtol, with 13.0% (117 votes)

4th place:
west oakland by Shaun Roberts, with 9.2% (83 votes)

5th place:
Crossover by pk-Images, with 5.3% (48 votes)

I’d like to thank our fantastic sponsors as well… simplehuman, JPG Magazine, Griffin, Zune (c/o Girlie Action), Sling Media, XGAMING, FreeStyle Audio, Audioengine, Belkin, Logitech and Lapinator. You guys are awesome!

For a full list of all the contest prizes, look here!
With all this excitement about photography, today we would like to introduce the first expansion to the FreshArrival network: FreshPhotograph.

FreshPhotograph follows the theme of FreshArrival in offering “One Amazingly Cool Photograph, Every Day.” We hope you like it!

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