Rubbermaid Premier.

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Now this is the plastic container I’ve been looking for all my life. They are crystal clear, and have the usual list of features: they’re microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. These take plastic storage containers a few steps further and add things like odor resistance (so that onion smell from 3 weeks ago doesn’t work its way into your apple slices) stain resistance (so you can actually put that spaghetti sauce in one of these, reheat it in a microwave and not have pink containers afterward, or ) and the one feature that I think will help me keep my darn containers and lids together: the lids snap to the bottom of the containers, and to each other! Also, one lid size fits multiple containers so if you do happen to lose one, you’ll still have a lid that fits. Nice! You can find them just about anywhere for around $20 for 20 pieces.


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