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This is just too nifty not to post about. Know those flip-out keys that are becoming more common, where the metal part of the key flips out (VW and BMW have that type of key, I think) when you need to use it, but folds right into the top of the key when it’s not in use? The Keyport takes it one step further and integrates all your favorite keys into a slickly designed package that seems like a killer device to have in your pocket… It’s got slots for 6 keys, and replacing your current keys with the Keyport is simple… just take the specially designed blanks in to a locksmith and have Keyport-style duplicates made… then get rid of your old keys. You won’t be needing them anymore.

What excites me most about this thing besides the ability to consolidate my keys into a small, neat package is the ability to find my house key easily in the dark. We’ve already got keychain lights so that we can find the keyhole in the dark (and it seems like even that will be built into the Keyport at some point in the near future) but what about actually finding the right key in the dark to begin with? I could see myself putting my house key on the side of the Keyport that has the eyehook. I’d easily be able to find that key in the dark then, by touch alone.

The Keyport isn’t out just yet, so this isn’t necessarily the final design. The only thing that’s left to be seen besides the final design is the price… but if it is a bit high I don’t think that’ll stop too many people :) The annoyance factor of standard keys alone (not being able to find the right one in the dark, the space they take up, the jangling, poking you through your pockets) is almost worth the switch, in my book. You can sign up to be notified when they become available at the Keyport website.


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I’m not sure yet… I’m in that same boat as far as my Civic key goes… especially with that anti-theft chip that is in the key… but if i could get rid of the rest of my keys and just have to have my car key, that would be okay with me too.

If they don’t offer something for those of use with more advanced car keys at launch, I’m sure they will later on… to many people have wacked out keys these days.

As a VW owner I can vouch for how fun it is to pretend you have a switchblade in your pocket. When I’m walking to my car alone at night I always get my keys out and “flip” my car key open and imagine I’m too tough to be messed with, like a gangster from The Outsiders. They say attitude is everything.

Man, if I could get my work key put in one of these (which I doubt cause hospitals are security nazis when it comes to keys) I could eliminate every key from my key ring…..A memory stick, Car alarm, and the keyport all alone on one ring would look nice.

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