The Pessimist’s Mug.

Design, Diversions, Humor, Reasonably Priced by Richard

I want one of these. The Pessimist’s Mug is new from Despair, Inc .and is a hilarious take on the old “glass half empty or half full” expression.


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It is only momentarily and only mildly humorous — and certainly not worth the money being demanded for it ($10 to $20). You are like some spoiled child, who has no understanding of the value of money.


How dare you compare me to a child with no understanding of the value of money? You do not know me, and you have no idea what I have been through in life. This is not the first time you’ve personally attacked me about a post here (see here and here.) This has got to stop.

In your honor, starting now, we are instituting a rule: Personal attacks in comments directed toward our writers or our readers are unacceptable on FreshArrival, and so John, you are banned from commenting here. I thought that it was common courtesy to not make personal, unwarranted attacks on people based on something they think is cool, but apparently it is not. We understand that not everyone will agree with what we post… we actually expect it, as it’s all a matter of opinion. To turn it into a personal attack, however is crossing the line.

If FreshArrival offends you so much, I respectfully ask you not to read it anymore.

In John’s eyes, I suppose am a spoiled child as well as I think it is the perfect gift for a friend of mine.

I am beginning to think John has not grasped the point of this website yet. I thought that round table that rotates to expand its diameter was one of the coolest inventions, yet I don’t have the means to afford one. There is nothing wrong with admiring an item for its merit without regard to its cost. Whether you would actually buy one or not is a personal choice. Richard only stated he wants one, not that he bought one.

seriously john,

I’m not much of a consumer either, I don’t drive a car, I pack a lunch to work and I save almost every dime I make. The thing is; this is a consumerist web site. Most items presented here are items that cost money to obtain and are probably not an essential need of life. If this site was titled “che’s market” or something I could, kind of, understand your attitude. Since it’s not, I’m just going to assume that Richard stole your girlfriend in the 9th grade and you’re still holding a grudge.

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