Cary Brothers: Who You Are.

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I first learned of Cary Brothers back when Garden State came out, as he was on the soundtrack with what is still my favorite song of his to date: Blue Eyes. Somehow I was able to get in touch with him and I ended up making him the featured artist for a month on Zerophase (an independent music website that I used to run.) He’s released a couple of EPs since then, but this is his first full length effort, and he does an admirable job here. Cary is the type of artist who flies just far enough under the radar to not be a huge superstar, but close enough to have a very loyal fanbase. If you’re a fan of Pete Yorn, you’ll probably be a fan of Cary’s before long as well. You can listen to the title track from the album below.

Who You Are comes out on the 29th of this month. Get it!

On a side note, the photography on the album cover is great too… Cary and Michael Muller apparently went on a helicopter ride over LA and took some great overhead shots.


Cary Brothers
Who You Are
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