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unFortunate is a pretty nifty website that lets you write, share, view and even print fortunes out with crop marks so you know exactly where to cut them out. There’s even a Hall of Fame (or Shame, I suppose) where you can view the best and worst of all time, the past week, and the past day. Fun!


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Am I the only one disappointed that most fortune cookies nowadays contain proverbs and general statements rather than actual ‘fortunes?’ Things like “You are happy,” and “Friendship comes from a love for others” or somesuch crap have made me lose all hope in the American Chinese food industry.

Yeah, that IS pretty lame. I’ve gotten some pretty bad ones since they started writing things that aren’t really fortunes. My favorite of the bad ones that I’ve gotten is “Beauty is your heart, let it out, let it beat, give yourself a treat.”

What? :)

Quote Richard : “Beauty is your heart, let it out, let it beat, give yourself a treat.”

Why did I suddenly think of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom….


In addition to my comment above, I think the turning point in my disillusionment with fortune cookies came when i got a “You will have a healthy life” then the next day had a mild heart attack. ;)

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