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by Richard

I initially didn’t post about this website because I didn’t think that a redesign of a coupon site required coverage, even if it was from the makers of BugMeNot. That all changed when I found out that RetailMeNot is now the most useful coupon website on the internet, with its Firefox extension & Quick Access bookmarklet which let you immediately know about available coupons for the online store you are visiting. There’s also a Mac widget that displays the latest codes and lets you search the database for a particular coupon or retailer. Awesome.


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3 Responses to “RetailMeNot.”

  1. Jim Wilson Says:

    This site has a problem with firefox and the fasterefox extension. After reading the reasoning (access is denied if firefox maximum number of http server connections exceeds 8) and the generally recommended settings for firefox on broadband connections, I think you should at the very least put in a caveat about the accessility of this site. This is the first site that I can remember that has this type of restriction.

  2. Andrew Says:

    retailmenot is gr8 and the “404: not found” page is really funny. i have also found some other sites like couponalbum and couponmom, with the same theme, but much more organized.

  3. Jarman Says:

    A great site I have found is Its an excellent coupons website with most name brand stores and thousands of hot coupon codes that has helped me save a lot of money and time :)