Steelcase Think : The Review.

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If you’re like me and your job requires you to sit at a desk all day, having a great, comfortable ergonomic chair is a must. I’m not talking about the $99 executive chair that you’ll find at any Office Depot, I’m talking about a sturdy, well-engineered ergonomic chair. You’ll spend at least a few hundred dollars on a good one, and Steelcase makes some of the best. I’ve been sitting around on a loaner Steelcase Think for awhile now, and it is an absolutely amazing chair. If you’re into design, this chair is a design knockout. It’s got back and seat flexors that move with you to make the chair as comfortable as it can be no matter what position you’re sitting in. It’s really good at providing even support as you move in the chair. Even the front edge of the chair has been thought out, as it flexes to relieve pressure on the back of your legs, which improves circulation. The arms are very adjustable, retract up to 3 inches so that you can get as close to your work surface as possible, are height adjustable, and also swivel from side to side and slide in toward the middle of the chair and back out again.

It’s quite easy to adjust: There’s one knob on the right side, with 4 positions: Weight-activated, Weight-activated plus a 20% boost in resistance, Mid-stop recline, and my girlfriend’s favorite, Upright-back lock. It’s also got the standard lever that you use to adjust seat height, and a bar under the seat that you use to bring the bottom portion forward or backwards. The reclining mechanism is really innovative, allowing you to lean back in your chair without losing sight of your work or getting further away from the desk. That’s a feature that I really love… normally when I lean back in my chair, I’m trying to figure out some coding issue or new Hngry feature in my head, and being able to see my monitors or type something quickly without having to sit all the way back up just fits really well into the way I work.

If you’re concerned with environmental issues: this chair has you covered and is about as environmentally conscious as a chair can be. It is 99% recyclable. The Think also uses as many recycled materials as possible in its construction (It’s about 44% recycled.) It even has non-wasteful packaging… the chair arrived in a cardboard box that was the exact width size of the bottom half of the chair, with the back of the chair lying on top of the base. Since the box fits the chair perfectly, there is no need for Styrofoam or packing peanuts to keep it from moving around in the box. They’ve really put some major thought into this chair.

The Think is also amazingly easy to assemble. You only need an Allen wrench (which is included) and around 5 minutes to put it together. That’s it.

So if you’re going to sit in this chair all day, it’s got to be comfortable, right? It is. If you’re not convinced, you must sit in this chair. Your body, especially your back will thank you for it. When my girlfriend walked in and saw this chair in 2 pieces, she took a quick glance at it and said that it looked like a regular office chair to her. Later on that day, she sat in it and I almost couldn’t get her back out of it. It’s that good. Don’t just take my word for it: Do a Google search and you’ll be able to tell pretty quickly that this chair really is as good as I’m saying it is. Real people own this chair and absolutely love it.

So what will a chair this advanced run you? Think chairs start at around $650. That may seem like a lot to swallow, but if you consider that you’ll have a solid chair for over 10 years, be preventing back/wrist injuries/pain (think how much you’ll save in the long run on hospital bills!), and being kind to the environment, not to mention sitting in a an awesome chair, it’s almost harder to justify not getting one if you spend a considerable amount of your working life sitting down. To find out more about the chair, its impact on the environment, its design, what it does in terms of support and improving posture and much more, you can check out the product brochure. There is also a lot more information about the chair at the Steelcase website. Find a Steelcase dealer near you. Go and sit in a Think Chair. I think you’ll like it.

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