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Spout is social networking based around movies, connecting its users to people based on movies they like. If you love movies, or have trouble making up your mind about what to watch, Spout is well worth it. Spout contains an archive of over 15,000 trailers so you can watch one to see if that movie you’re thinking about is really worth watching. It also features reviews, links to buy DVDs, make movie lists, the ability to share with friends, and much more!

What I like most about the site is MovieMind, a new feature that lets you find something to watch based on your favorite movies in an awesome draggable interface where you can view synopses/rate the recommended movies. You can also drag the movies to your Netflix or Blockbuster queue, to IMDB, download it on MovieLink, find out more on TV Guide or IMDB, buy it on Amazon, get showtimes for that movie on Fandango… it’s amazing.

If you’d like to add me as a friend on Spout, I’d be honored. My profile is here.


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