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At Sundance this year, one movie took everyone by surprise. Once is a low-budget musical that has a great story and a soundtrack that is even better. From USA Today: ” In addition to revealing the changing face of Ireland, the film chronicles, mostly through musical rendezvous, a budding romance between a Dublin-born busker (Hansard) who repairs vacuum cleaners and a young woman from the Czech Republic (Markéta Irglová) who sells flowers and cleans houses to earn a meager living. Both Hansard and Irglová are musicians by trade, not professional actors.” Awesome. If you have a more recent Mac, a large version of the trailer is available in Front Row. For those of you who are Mac-less, the trailer is also available at the link below.

I haven’t been able to see Once yet, because it’s only out in LA and NY right now, but I definitely will be checking it out as soon as it comes to my town or is available on DVD. I can’t wait! If you like the music you hear from the trailer and website, the soundtrack came out last week and is available just about everywhere.

Warning: one of the songs from the soundtrack auto-plays as soon as you get to the movie website. Just FYI :)

VISIT SITE (thanks, Justin!)

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I guess I wasn’t totally clear about that… I said what I said as a warning to anyone who might be clicking on the ONCE website at work with their sound turned on ;)

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