method aroma ring : The Review.

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The aroma ring, new from Method Home is a well designed, practical way to make the rooms in your home or apartment smell great! We’ve all seen the plug-in type of air freshener that heats up scented oil and scents a room (Method even sells one), but these are more my style, because they don’t require electricity to do their work, and are well designed to boot! They’re passive in their air freshening (no batteries or wall outlet needed), and are actually quite effective. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and effectively mine worked (scented a 15×15 room in around 20 mins). You just peel off the foil seal on the aroma fragrance disc and slide it into the ring. If you need more aroma in a particular room, there are 2 slots, so you just load a disc into both slots. That’s it! I’ll definitely be buying more of these.

They come in cut grass, sweet water, lavender lemongrass and vanilla apple scents and will run you $8 for a ring and 2 fragrance discs.


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