Hanson: The Walk.

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Hanson, I take it back! I wrote Hanson off early on in their career because of that song that got played everywhere for what seemed like years… Yeah, you know the one… MMMbop. It was actually a good song, but it got played so much that I got burnt out and decided to move on. Hanson is all grown up now. A lot has happened since I last listened to them: they left their major label and started their own, 3CG Records, became husbands, fathers and business partners. This release is their first fully independent one in years, and you can definitely tell that they spent a lot of time getting these songs right. I can’t find a bad song on this disc! It is definitely their best yet. Zac even steps out from behind the drum kit and sings lead on a couple of songs in there. I think I’ll be going back and listening to their older stuff again now :)

Here’s a song from the new album that was released in honor of World AIDS Day, featuring an African children’s choir. All proceeds from this song go to PRHU (Perinatal HIV Research Unit), a HIV/AIDS prevention organization in Soweto, South Africa. It’s called Great Divide. The chant you’ll hear is “ngi ne themba”, which means “I have hope.”

Hanson’s “The Walk” comes out on July 24th. Pick it up!


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