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JamJunky is a pretty slick new community site for songwriters that is now open in “unlimited beta”. It is essentially an online home for songs-in-progress.

Adding a new song is an extremely easy and intuitive process, with places for obvious things like lyrics, chords, and recorded versions. I really like the combined lyrics with chords view with the alternating white and blue lines. Songs can get more in-depth with features like “inspiration” and “liner notes” where you may share additional information about your song. Sharing is a large part of the site, with the ability to listen, read, and comment on other people’s songs, but you can keep your own songs private if you wish. Simple descriptive information is also stored about each song such as name, creation date, tempo, and key. The tempo setting isn’t merely descriptive, it actually will play your uploaded MP3 at the tempo you designate, so don’t put anything too wacky or it end up playing your mp3 at super-speed. Creative Commons licensing is built in so you can protect and share your work properly from the get-go.

All in all JamJunky is an incredibly well designed site with lots of addictive little features that beg for participation. Hopefully it will grow into a thriving community of creativity and expression. They’re having a little contest right now where you can win an iPod Shuffle if you upload a song and email them about it.


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