Zebra Sarasa.

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For a couple of years now, my colleagues and I have been—perhaps I exaggerate here, but only the veriest bit—in love with the Zebra Sarasa pen, a retractable gel ink pen that may arguably be the pinnacle in writing instrument engineering. No, really. Incredibly smooth, it is our pen of choice for everyday writing tasks.

Until very recently, however, this pen was not available in major US office supply stores; we were only able to get our Sarasa fix from our local Japanese stationery store, which, unfortunately, not everyone has easy access to.

Available in 3 point widths (0.5mm, 0.7mm, and 1.0mm), and in an actually useful array of colors, this should be the next pen you buy. A note: if you’re looking for the superfine 0.4mm point width, you’ll still have to go to your nearest Japanese stationery store, but the ones available in US stores ought to be sufficient for most people’s needs.


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i don’t know how this would compare to my nearly-perfect Pilot G-2. Blasphemy, I say! :)

Larry, I’m with you, I love my G2; and it is America’s #1 selling gel pen. This Zebra pen does look good and I like the name, but it’s not refillable!

I do enjoy the G-2s as well, but I’ve always preferred the Sarasa which I’ve bought at Target for years. I’m pretty sure I’ve also gotten them at OfficeMax before as well. So I don’t know what you’re talking about with this whole Japanese boutique store thing.

@Larry & Reese: I’ve written with the G-2, and enjoyed the experience, but I haven’t tried a head-to-head test of the two pens. This is a personal preference thing, but I’m not a fan of really thick pens like the refillable G-2; though I like the soft gel grip, I find big pens like that uncomfortable to write with.

@Erich: Really? I hadn’t been able to find them anywhere but, as I said, at my local Japanese stationery store, which is where I discovered them in the first place—I confess I’ve a crippling weakness for pretty packaging and brightly colored plastic, and Japanese stationery stores like MaiDo and Kinokuniya Stationery are where I go to satisfy that craving.

Had I known I could find them at Target, I wouldn’t have been paying $3 a pop for them at first (now they’re a more affordable $1.30, which I think is what they sell for at US stores too)

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