Morpho AR.

Design, Useful Things by Chris Coyier

I always get interested in camping technology this time of year, especially technology that makes it easier. This tent fits the bill. Instead of regular poles, the Morpho AR uses “airbeams”, inflatable poles that are a lot tougher than they sound.

“Intrigue grew when a not-so-errant pocketknife didn’t pop the rigid airbeams, which are made from a derivative of sailcloth, with guy-outs to keep them upright in a tempest. The single-wall construction stayed condensation-free, thanks to waterproof-breathable fabric and vents.”

Using the included foot pump, you can be all set up in 45 seconds. Check out the video. The tent weights about 5lbs, has 40 sq. ft. of floorspace (2 people), and runs $395. Now if they could only design a tent that can be repacked in 45 seconds.


If you’re a McSweeney’s fan, they need some major help, as they are $130,000 in the hole… everything in their store is on sale right now.

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