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by Chris Coyier

Daytrotter is one of them hip, new music websites that features a bunch of artists you’ve never heard of. Yeah, there are a million of them. Yeah, Daytrotter is cooler.

Reasons why Daytrotter is cool:

  1. It has tons of totally free songs
  2. The tracks are recorded just for Daytrotter in a tiny studio in super-quick 2 hour sessions so they often have a powerful raw feeling
  3. It is loaded with awesome illustrations
  4. They have interesting interviews.
  5. They have William Elliot Whitmore tracks and I’m super into his music right now.


ed: I was filled in on a little info today: The Jawbone┬« Bluetooth headset , previously only available online and in Cingular stores, will be sold along with the iPhone at all 157 Apple Stores and at beginning June 29, 2007. I’ll be writing a post shortly about my experience in testing this headset out… I just got one today.

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