CD and DVD Stripper.

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Everyone’s gotten a new CD or DVD home and wondered if record companies and movie studios are trying to make us give up on them altogether because of all the stupid stickers that surround the item in question. Who cares how difficult and annoying it is to open the package… you’ve already bought it, right?

Lori Powers got tired of fighting with her CD and DVD cases and decided to do something about it. The result is 2 products: the CD Stripper and the DVD Stripper. They work simply and effectively. Basically, you hold the Stripper with one hand, insert a CD or DVD, depending on which one you’re using, and it makes neat cuts in both the plastic outer wrapper and the stickers. For DVDs, there’s even a blade that cuts the middle sticker too! Nothing can get in between you and your disc now!

We opened a few types of each disc tonight, and both the CD Stripper and the DVD Stripper did a great job; although we had to make a couple of passes in the DVD Stripper to open a particular DVD, it was still easier than trying to get it off by hand. The CD Stripper will run you $9.99, the DVD Stripper will run you $11.99, and you can pick up both for $19.99. Satisfaction is guaranteed: There’s a 30 day return policy if you decide to send it back for any reason.


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