Griffin Elevator: The Review.

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A little while ago, I decided that it would be a good idea to check out the Griffin Elevator, as my main computer at work is my laptop hooked up to a second monitor and it was not doing anything good for my back. I’d find myself hunching over my computer more often than not, because the laptop is just so low compared to my other monitor. The Griffin Elevator aims to solve this problem and a couple of others that you’ll probably come across if you use a laptop for any length of time. It’s very simple, constructed of 2 aluminum legs anchored by a clear piece of plastic, with rubber pads on the top and bottom for stability.

The Elevator raises the laptop to eye level, which is much better as far as ergonomics and your back are concerned… it’s definitely got me sitting up straight. It also gives you some free space on your desk for storage, because it lifts the laptop up off of your work surface and increases air circulation underneath the laptop, for much better cooling. This past week and a half was a great time for me to test the Elevator, because one of the fans in my MacBook Pro decided it would be fun to quit turning, and the remaining fan had to run double-time to keep it reasonably cool. I noticed a distinct difference in fan speed while using the Elevator as compared to having the laptop on my desk (the fan speed dropped by half, from around 5000 to 2500RPM, and the temperature dropped between 8 and 10 degrees). In short: If your laptop is your main rig, the Griffin Elevator is a well designed, very functional product that will make you wonder how you used a laptop full-time without it.


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