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I know we just had a game a couple days ago but I couldn’t resist this one! You control an oblong block. The only moves you can make are to roll left, right, up, or down. Because your block is oblong, it can be “standing” or “laying”, which is important because if you are standing and fall down on only a single square, you fall off the edge. Also, some squares require you to be standing to activate a switch and some squares require you to be laying or else you will fall through. There are many other little obstacles and whatnot.

I made it to level 7 of 33 on my first round… I’m still working on it =) The subtle sounds and elegant graphics really enhance the fun game concept.


ed: This is kind of old, but somehow it hasn’t made it to the site yet: Angry Southerners + bees that won’t go away = well, you’ll just have to go look :)

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The bees….gosh one must not have known their is a huge problem with bees dying off and how important are they to our livelihood…… VERY Important…. Jerk should have just left them alone. They would have eventually left and not hurt a soul if he left them alone….

On another note I can say he was sure resourceful on managing to kill them off.

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