LapWorks Laptop Desk Futura.

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Okay, we’ve covered laptop desks and laptop stands, but I was just sent a product that is both, and it even fits in your bag easily so you can take it wherever you go! The Laptop Desk Futura is a lightweight, high-impact ABS plastic, with 22 (yeah, that’s 22!) non-skid rubber pads so your laptop won’t get scratched. It’s also got large ventilation slots so air can circulate around the laptop. It folds in half, giving it an easily manageable height of 1/2″. What’s even cooler is the fact that you can pop out a kickstand on the bottom and put it into one of a few slots to give you a total of 5 different typing angles when it’s on your desk.

In my experience, I found it to be very sturdily built, and very stable… even with my laptop propped up at the highest level, it took a considerable amount of force to slide it around. I could tell that some major thought went into the design of the desk.

LapWorks actually sells a few different types of laptop desks. One is lighter than the others, and a couple of them are wider, giving you more surface are on the sides if you’d like to use a mouse with your laptop. If you’re in the market, definitely check these out!


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