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If you like more extreme sports than jogging, such as surfing, swimming, or wakeboarding, an iPod nano or Shuffle probably won’t cut it. That’s where this MP3 player from Freestyle Audio comes in. It’s waterproof, fully submersible & shockproof. Even the headphone jack on this thing is waterproof, so if your headphones get yanked out of the player while you’re rocking out, the player will still be totally fine. Nice touch! Of course, the rechargeable, 30 hour battery is built in (I’m sure that has to do with keeping the player waterproof). It uses a standard USB interface to get music onto itself, and just appears as a standard USB drive on your computer so you can just drag files to it…there’s no proprietary music management app here unless you want there to be. They have helpfully included the Freestyle Audio Playlist software so you can get your songs in a particular order if you’d like (because there is no screen on the device, just a multicolored LED that informs you of its status) but you definitely don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. It comes in a 1GB capacity, which will hold about 320 songs.

We’ve been checking one out, and we threw it off a balcony, threw it in a sinkful of water while it was playing, and walked the dog in the rain with it in the armband. It didn’t skip a beat. Pretty cool.

The Freestyle Audio Player comes with a set of waterproof earbuds, a neoprene armband and a USB cable, so you’ve got everything you need right in the box, besides your music. The Freestyle Audio Player is both PC & MAC compatible and will run you $129.95.


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