The Items We Carry.

Photography by Richard

The Items We Carry is a Flickr group that started recently… The premise is simple: Take a photo of the things that you carry around with you everyday and post it! The results have been intriguing so far. Here’s my contribution to the pool. If you participate, please feel free to link your photo up in the comments.


Imogen Heap. Live. Good stuff… no, jaw droppingly amazing. warning, includes sound!

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I think it’s funny you post this. Lately I’ve realized what a collection of items I tend to carry, and I’m sure I carry less than others, but the pile on my nightstand is slowly getting bigger every night it seems.

My key chain is where I want to make some cuts. I’m really waiting to hear about that “Keyport” you featured on here a while back will be finally be for sale.

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