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by Chelsey

This website is full of so many cool things, I’m not sure where to start. The basic premise is that it uses pictures rather than words to give you quizzes about your own personality or the personality of someone you are shopping for. I won’t say the quiz results are the most comprehensive or the best I have ever seen (that prize still goes to this fun quiz), but they aren’t bad, and the whole thing takes less than two minutes. The best parts of the site are the wishes and gift tabs that use another set of quiz answers to suggest things you might like on the Web or things you might like to buy for yourself or someone else. Here are a few of the things it suggested I check out: guides to unicorn watching and proper sushi eating; visual representations of disturbing statistics; a rainbow maker and these cool tea towels. There's also a networking aspect to the site that I didn't explore. Thanks to Patti for sharing! VISIT SITE

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One Response to “Imagini.”

  1. Chelsey Says:

    Whoops! I missed a link.
    When I was talking about the other personality test, I should have linked here:

    That’s a site that FreshArrival featured a while back.