Sunrise Lampshades.

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Word has it that designer Lauren Moriarty will be debuting these cool new lampshades at the London Design Festival this Fall. The lampshades have a “thermochromic” layer which changes color with the heat from the light bulb. This particular shade simulates a sunrise as it warms up and lightens. It is a beautiful concept, but I could see it being annoying if when you go to flip on a lamp you have to wait for the shade to “warm up” before it allows very much light through.


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I wonder how well they work with the new, cooler, energy efficient bulbs. Neat idea, though. Reminds me of the thermal wallpaper i read about that “grows” foliage as the sun hits it.

Yeah good point about the cooler bulbs. I guess it depends on how much heat the shade really needs to “transform”, but that would be shame if it encouraged higher watt, less efficient bulbs.

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